Luoyang, Henan, China, 7th Mar 2024 – TRUNNANO is a leading nanomaterial technology developer and manufacturer. Recently, the company announced the launch of its new animal protein based foaming agent for concrete.

Although animal protein foaming agent has higher foam stability, its foaming multiple is low. In order to solve the problem of its high production costs, TRUNNANO team relied on 15 years of experience in the foam concrete industry and tried hundreds of materials to modify it.

After a long period of laboratory research and field testing, this animal protein foaming agent was finally successfully launched on the market. This product mainly uses nanomaterials to undergo special processing to extract active ingredients with excellent foaming properties and then undergoes fine processing, Made into foam concrete, foam bricks and lightweight boards.

TRUNNANO: A Leading Nanomaterial Technology Developer and Application Manufacturer

(TR-E Nano-modification animal protein concrete foaming agent)

Animal protein foaming agents have significant advantages over traditional one. The incorporation of nanomaterials reduces the surface tension of the foaming agent liquid and reduces the liquid resistance during bubble generation, thereby increasing the foaming multiple; The outer wall of the double electron layer of the foam is relatively thick, allowing the foam to maintain a closed spherical shape and reduce pores; Nanomaterials can fill micropores and microcracks in concrete to reduce the shrinkage and cracks of concrete and improve the compactness and strength of concrete as well as  effectively reduce the water absorption rate of foam concrete; At the same time, the air wrapped inside the bubble is not easy to lose, so it is not easy to collapse.

Test item

Nano-modified animal protein foaming agent

Animal protein foaming agent

Addition amount

per cubic meter reduced by 20 – 25%


Water absorption

19 – 22%

40 -45%


increased by15 – 20%


Minimum density

180 kg/m³

350 kg/m³

Solid content

26 – 28%

23 – 25%

(Animal protein foaming agent test comparison table before and after nano-modification)

TRUNNNAO was founded by Roger Luo, a specialists in lightweight concrete and foam concrete solutions. Roger Luo provides concrete foaming agents, superplasticizers, aerogels, foam concrete strength enhancers for his clients. His latest venture was create the more available fomaing agent for lightweight concrete mixes, and CLC blocks worldwide.” 

“With people’s increasing awareness of environmental protection, green, environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyles have become an inevitable trend in social development. The research, development, and application of animal protein foaming technology is a subversion of traditional chemical foaming agents and powerful practice of environmental protection and sustainable development” Roger Luo explains.

TRUNNANO has more than 20 years of industry experience, and its latest achievements are self-foaming cement and mortars developed after years of scientific research and production. Self-foaming cement can meet large-volume foam concrete/gypsum needs and is suitable for ordinary foam concrete cast-in-place, blocks, boards, insulation walls, and ordinary Portland cement as a gelling agent. This product can replace physical and chemical foaming, making the operation simple and convenient.

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About TRUNNANO Info Technology Co., Ltd.

TRUNNANO mainly engages in nano-building energy conservation, nano-technology development, and industrial applications. It has professional experience in the research, development, and application of green energy and the world’s advanced materials. As a leading nanomaterial technology developer and application manufacturer, TRUNNANO Technology has maintained a leading position in technology and market development. Today, they provide solutions covering a wide range of processes and links in laboratories and industries. TRUNNANO’s unified team, complete service network, and complete solutions help users in various industries improve efficiency, create value, and easily cope with various challenges.

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Media Contact

Organization: Luoyang Tongrun Nano Technology Co. Ltd.

Contact Person: Roger Luo



Contact Number: +8637964281838

Address: Building No.1, Tianyuan Free Trade Port,

Address 2: ZhuoFei Road, JianXi District

City: Luoyang

State: Henan

Country: China

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