Support Elders is turning out to be a premier elder care solutions provider in Kolkata, in 2024. Offering innovative services like MedicAssist@Home and Well@Home, it prioritizes holistic care and community engagement, redefining elder care standards.

Kolkata, West Bengal, India, 4th Mar 2024 - As Support Elders celebrates a decade of serving the elderly, they continue to do what they do best—enhance the quality of life of elders through thoughtful and innovative solutions.

Support Elders is Emerging as the Leading Elder Care Solution in Kolkata 2024

They had pioneered in India a phenomenal solution to handle medical emergencies of elders efficiently through a one-touch alert button wristband that connected to their alarm centres, when triggered. The alarm centres then ensured prompt action to take care of the emergency situation through seamless coordination. 

Now, in their 10th year, they have added to this offering by coming up with an App for their members—the Support Elders App (for members only). This App not only allows the members to trigger an alert during a medical emergency but also helps them to get customised service. The guiding thought behind this App was that its members have the right to choose the level of care they want. Through this App, Support Elders’ members can choose only the services and solutions suitable to them; they can be a part of a vibrant elder community and bond over their hobbies and interests and travel together; they can attend online events taking place in their own city and other parts of the country; they can attend offline events in their city; and they can get help for Out-of-Home work. 

The best part is that though their state-of-the-art technology forms the backbone of most of their solutions, especially when it comes to remote health monitoring or assessment of health parameters and their interpretation with the help of renowned UK-based doctors, the empathy, compassion and professionalism of the caregivers are still their biggest offering. This is an integral part of the Support Elders culture and ethos because it is not only evident in the attitude of the on-the-field caregivers but also in the thoughtful and empathetic solutions that this organisation provides.

About Support Elders Pvt. Ltd

Serving since 2014, Support Elders is a leading elder care solution provider in Kolkata. Offering 24×7 medical emergency assistance and comprehensive elder care services, it remains committed to empowering seniors to live with dignity, independence, and joy. Mr Apratim Chattopadhyay is its founder and CEO. 

For further information or to know more, visit the website .

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