Last March 1st, 2024, took place the unveiling of the Ideal Church of Scientology in Del Valle, Mexico City, a significant milestone for the Scientologists. This new facility boasts a Public Information Center featuring informative displays and films that delve into the beliefs and practices of Scientology and pay tribute to the legacy of Founder L. Ron Hubbard. Emphasizing the Church’s dedication to humanitarian programs and community collaboration, the Del Valle opening signifies a commitment to spiritual growth and service. Stay tuned for insights into the Church’s outreach efforts and plans for further expansion in Latin America.

Brussels, Belgium, 2nd Mar 2024 – The night sky over Colonia del Valle, a bustling neighborhood in the heart of Mexico City, was alive with celebration as the Church of Scientology inaugurated its new Ideal Org. The grand opening on Friday was a spectacle of music, lights, and fireworks, attracting thousands of attendees to witness the unveiling of the 5,116 square meters facility.

Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center and the ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, presided over the ceremony. In his address, he emphasized the significance of the new church in fulfilling the vision of Scientology’s founder. “Remember, the very essence and life force of an Ideal Org is, as our Founder envisioned, ‘An activity where people came to achieve freedom and where they had confidence they would attain it,’” Miscavige explained. 

New Scientology Church Lights Up Mexico City’s Skyline

That is what we celebrate today. It is the gift you are extending. And the vision made true by you, the heroes of this movement, in creating this Ideal Org.”

The event also featured speeches from several dignitaries and social leaders, including Mr. Cristian Badillo, Director of the National Consciousness for Religious Freedom Foundation. Badillo highlighted the importance of L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings in fostering unity. “To realize the Mexico we want, the truth inside The Way to Happiness must be passed on, person to person, until it stretches from Baja to the Yucatán,” he said.

New Scientology Church Lights Up Mexico City’s Skyline

I’ve been privileged to deliver the precepts into barrios and congregations of faith. I’ve delivered them into juvenile prisons. And, just as I personally experienced, I witnessed others have their own recognition of the truth. A truth as certain as the ground beneath one’s feet. At which point, it was undeniable: L. Ron Hubbard has written a universal language. And we owe it to humanity to tell people of every background, every faith, everywhere, ‘You can discover your own way to happiness!’

Congressman Mr. Luis Zamora Romero, an advocate for equal rights, shared his experiences in promoting human rights and his collaboration with the Church. “I searched sky and earth for ways to show people their human rights—until I discovered you,” Zamora expressed. “We share the belief that human rights are not only a right, but a duty from one person to another.”

New Scientology Church Lights Up Mexico City’s Skyline

“That’s why we have taught both the victims and those who violate them. We even hosted a national youth day celebration with over 7,000 in attendance. Working together, we arranged 9,000 Human Rights booklets on the ground to spell out ‘Know Your Human Rights’ and thus creating the longest such sentence in history. In so doing, we not only demonstrated our collective dedication, we set a Guinness World Record! And so, united we will soon set another world record as the largest movement on Earth.”

Mr. Fabián Aranda García, an attorney and legal advisor to the National Human Rights Commission, discussed his partnership with the Church of Scientology and the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). “The pursuit of justice is what drove my most important challenge—and thus my partnership with the Church of Scientology and CCHR,” Aranda García revealed, emphasizing the impact of their collaborative efforts in safeguarding individual freedoms.

New Scientology Church Lights Up Mexico City’s Skyline

“If I didn’t fight this, I wasn’t a victim, I was an accomplice. With you we went straight to the National Parliament. We presented our cases and gave Mexico’s leaders the facts. And with the future of thousands—even millions in the balance—we won, and that totalitarian law was canceled!”

Father Manuel Corral, Executive Secretary of Institutional Relations of the Catholic Church in Mexico, spoke on the unity the event represented. “It’s time to no longer make any distinctions between any creeds,” Father Corral stated. 

New Scientology Church Lights Up Mexico City’s Skyline

“We may all have different ideologies, but we must all fight as one. And by your every action you have demonstrated an authentic religious unity, and you have actually brought religions together.

“This is my dream come true. And this is your Founder’s dream come true. What’s more, you have planted a symbol of that unity in this soil—and it is an awe-inspiring wonder before our eyes. As we celebrate this glorious new Church of Scientology, let’s now dream of a better Mexico City and a brighter Mexico. And in honor of Mr. Hubbard, let’s make it a reality—together!”


The opening of the Church of Scientology Del Valle is not just an expansion of the church’s physical presence but a beacon of its commitment to social betterment and community service in Mexico City and beyond.

The new Ideal Church in Del Valle introduces Dianetics and Scientology to the city through its Public Information Center. With over 500 films, the displays showcase the beliefs and practices of the Scientology religion and pay tribute to Founder L. Ron Hubbard. Additionally, the Information Center provides a comprehensive overview of the Church’s humanitarian programs, such as global human rights education, extensive drug education and prevention initiatives, literacy centers worldwide, and the impactful Scientology Volunteer Minister Program. Visitors are welcome to explore the center at their convenience, from morning until night.

New Scientology Church Lights Up Mexico City’s Skyline

Within the Church’s Chapel, congregational gatherings for Scientology, including Sunday Services, Weddings, and Naming Ceremonies, are held, along with various events open to members of all faiths to promote community collaboration. The new Church also features multiple seminar rooms, classrooms, and an entire floor dedicated to Scientology auditing (spiritual counseling).

Ideal Churches embody Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s vision for the religion, offering facilities to support Scientologists on their spiritual journey and serving as a hub for the local community to engage in cooperative efforts to uplift individuals of all backgrounds.

The Grand Opening of the Ideal Church of Scientology in Del Valle marks Mexico City’s second Ideal Church. The first, the National Church, located near the Fine Arts Palace, the National Supreme Court, and the National Palace, has been a magnificent addition to the cityscape. Reflecting the rapid growth of Scientology, a future 30,656 square meters Ideal Advanced Organization is currently in progress in Las Lomas, set to cater to the 21 nations of Latin America.

Following the recent inauguration of the Church of Scientology in Austin, situated across from the University of Texas campus on The Drag, the Del Valle Grand Opening signifies another milestone in the expansion of Scientology’s presence and outreach efforts.

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