This strategic collaboration is set to transform trading education with customized learning solutions and market insights.

Johannesburg, South Africa, 9th Feb 2024, King NewsWireSolisMarkets, a premier South African broker, is pleased to announce its strategic alliance with Traders Education, a top supplier of news, trading tools, and white-label education. This collaboration has the potential to completely transform the trading education space by giving traders at SolisMarkets unmatched access to a wealth of instructional materials and tools that will improve their financial literacy and trading proficiency.


SolisMarkets Collaborates With Traders Education to Advance Financial Literacy With Responsible Trading Education


Expressing his excitement surrounding this development, CEO of SolisMarkets, Andre Van Zyl, said, “We are changing our traders’ interactions with the markets in addition to improving our teaching programs. Giving our clients the tools they need to succeed in the complicated world of trading is a wonderful fit with our mission to build a trading community that is more knowledgeable and competent.”

SolisMarkets’ collaboration with Traders Education introduces an era of enriched educational content tailored to the diverse needs of its trading community. Renowned for its exceptional educational resources, Traders Education specializes in creating custom content such as video news, tutorials, and promotional videos, thus promising a personalized learning experience for beginners and veteran traders.

Echoing the sentiment of bespoke educational solutions, Francois Albessard, CEO of Traders Education, emphasized the collaboration’s focus on customization: “Working alongside SolisMarkets, we’re set to deliver education that directly addresses the unique needs of their trading community. Our goal is to craft a suite of educational tools and content that educates and resonates with every trader.”

This collaboration between Traders Education and SolisMarkets demonstrates both businesses’ commitment to enhancing the trading education industry. They hope to foster a trading community that is more self-assured and knowledgeable by providing traders with the necessary resources and expertise.

SolisMarkets Collaborates With Traders Education to Advance Financial Literacy With Responsible Trading Education

SolisMarkets traders now have access to a broad spectrum of educational materials, from basic trading fundamentals to advanced strategies. This initiative enables personalized learning paths, allowing traders to progress at their own pace and focus on areas most relevant to their goals. Furthermore, the collaboration introduces daily market news videos, providing crucial updates for making informed decisions, capturing market opportunities, and managing risks effectively.

For additional information about this fascinating collaboration and to pursue the available educational materials, please visit and


About SolisMarkets

SolisMarkets is an international asset management and banking platform dedicated to improving traders’ access to online video courses on finance. Working under the fully regulated Eklavya Asset Management of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa, SolisMarkets aims to create a community of skilled traders who can navigate the ever-changing financial markets.

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