Phoenix, Arizona, United States, 28th Dec 2023 – Teri Rowe, revered Partner at MILLER KORY ROWE LLP, has been elected as Treasurer on the Executive Board of the Arizona Association of Justice (AzAJ), reinforcing the firm’s commitment to advocating for justice within the local community.

At MILLER KORY ROWE LLP, a renowned Arizona-based law firm, the team recognizes the profound impact sudden accidents can have on individuals’ lives. Whether facing severe injuries or the loss of a loved one due to another’s negligence, the consequences are significant.

“In times of tragedy, having the right legal support is crucial,” remarked Teri Rowe. “MILLER KORY ROWE LLP is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal guidance and support to victims and those in need during challenging times.”

Teri Rowe, in her role on AzAJ’s Executive Board, brings a deep commitment to advocating for victims of negligence as well as nursing home residents harmed by abuse or neglect in Phoenix and throughout Arizona. Her dedication extends beyond her legal practice, where she champions the rights of vulnerable individuals who have suffered due to medical malpractice and mistreatment in nursing home facilities.

The firm’s personal injury attorneys are well-versed in local court practices and procedures, and equipped with extensive experience in handling a diverse range of cases. Their expertise enables them to guide clients seamlessly through the legal process, from initial consultations to achieving favorable verdicts.

Teri Rowe, Partner at MILLER KORY ROWE LLP, Elected Treasurer on Arizona Association of Justice’s Executive Board

As Teri Rowe assumes the role of Treasurer on AzAJ’s Executive Board, MILLER KORY ROWE LLP proudly stands behind her commitment to furthering the principles of justice and fair representation within the Arizona legal landscape.

For more information about the Arizona Association of Justice (AzAJ), please visit AzAJ’s website. To learn more about MILLER KORY ROWE LLP’s legal services or for media inquiries, please visit MILLER KORY ROWE LLP’s website or contact 602-648-4045.


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