When we talk about Daewoo, innovation, and quality come to mind – they are back with new and advanced pressure washer models that have brought a shift to the market. These pressure washers are equipped with the latest features and technology that will provide you ease in your daily life. Let’s head into some of the features and talk about the new pressure washer lineup that is the modern cleaning solution.

Cutting-edge Pressure Washer Models 

Daewoo Power Products launch unveiled some of the latest pressure washer models, let’s take a look at them.


  • Heavy Duty Foam Cannon for Pressure Washer:

The Heavy Duty Foam Cannon for Pressure Washers is an advanced cleaning solution for superior car washing and outdoor detailing. Designed for enthusiasts and professionals, it generates exceptional foam that clings to surfaces, providing a deeper clean with minimal effort. The adjustable foam regulator allows customization for different cleaning needs, and its durable construction withstands high pressure and harsh chemicals. With a user-friendly design, versatile applications, and compatibility with various pressure washers, it offers a hassle-free and satisfying cleaning experience. Upgrade your cleaning arsenal and take control of your cleaning with this powerful foam cannon.


  • Pressure Washer DAX90-1200G

This 220V/50Hz pressure washer boasts robust features, making it a reliable tool for various cleaning tasks. With a rated pressure of 90BAR and a maximum pressure of 120BAR, it delivers consistent and powerful water jets for effective cleaning. The rated flow of 6L/min and a max flow of 7.5L/min ensure efficient water usage during operation.


Powered by a 1200W induction motor, this pressure washer provides ample power for tackling dirt and grime. The inclusion of a short spray gun with a fitting of M14x1.5 adds convenience to its usability, allowing for precise and targeted cleaning. These pressure washers are innovative cleaning solutions. The motor’s induction design contributes to durability and reliable performance.


  • Pressure Washer (DAX140-1800_EN)

These pressure washers are high-performance pressure washers with impressive specifications. With a rated pressure of 100 bar and a maximum pressure of 140 bar, it delivers robust water pressure for effective cleaning across various surfaces. The rated flow of 6.0L/min and a max flow of 7.0L/min ensure efficient water usage, making it suitable for a range of cleaning tasks.

Powered by an 1800W carbon brush motor, this pressure washer provides substantial power to tackle tough dirt and grime. The motor’s carbon brush design is known for its durability and reliability, contributing to the overall longevity of the machine. Equipped with advanced pressure washer technology, the voltage and frequency specifications of AC220V-240V~50/60Hz make it compatible with the power standards in a variety of regions.


Final Thoughts:

By unveiling modern washer models, Daewoo has brought exciting cleaning solutions for their customers. The Pakistani market has been waiting in anticipation for quite some time now, and Daewoo has answered their wishes. Check out all the models on and get them before they are sold out. 


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